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When are you ready to retire? If someone asks you this question , your answer can be something like you're ready to retire when you have enough set aside to allow you to receive at least 70% of your current income for 20 years without ever having to work again. You also should be debt-free, with your mortgage, car, and credit cards paid off. You should have enough potential income to handle rising medical, life, and long-term insurance premiums as you age. But if seen subjectively, you're ready to retire when, your current line of work no longer inspires you, you are physically less and less able to meet the demands of your job or you find yourself wanting to take on a new vocation, step up your volunteer work, do long-term travel, or even start a new business.

In any case it is of prime importance that you calculate your average retirement income well before you decide to hang up your boots. This calculation is not only tedious but also complicated. Inspite of all this it is very important to secure your life after retirement and be able to lead a life of pleasure and comfort. This leads to a very crucial question that how much will you need for such a life? The old rule of thumb says you'll need at least 70% of your preretirement income to maintain your current standard of living. Hence your retirement income should be more or less equal to what you are earning presently. This assumes you'll be paying fewer taxes because you're no longer receiving earned income and that you have completed your major material acquisitions--house, furniture, and car--expenditures that require a higher level of income and outgo. This also assumes you have paid off all credit card debt. Retirement financial calculators help to increase you plan your retirement income well and they are a good way to strategize your retirement planning.

We say "old rule of thumb" because increased life spans are making that 70% figure suspect. When pension plans and Social Security were introduced, the retirement age of 65 was considered old. Most people who reached it and retired didn't have much lifespan to live. With increasing life spans, you must plan for at least 15 years after retirement. You also should take long-term inflation and the consequences of aging into account. Inflation, even if low, compounds over the years, slowly eroding the buying power of your money. You'll also face higher medical bills as you age. A retirement income calculator takes care of all these factors. One more factor is making the 70% benchmark obsolete. Because people are retiring in good health, they're more inclined to travel, entertain, and want to continue at their accustomed level of consumption. This means your best bet is to plan your retirement income as close to your preretirement income as possible.

So if we plan to accumulate that much money for your retirement it is very important that we calculate retirement investment as soon as possible in your career. A successful retirement plan demand varieties of investments. While working on this retirement investment plan an income calculator may assist you by suggesting you the right investment option to invest in and the right time to do it. This calculator creates a plan which goes with your target amount. Do not think that it will predict your retirement future and investment performance. It is quite essential that during your working days you regularly supervise your financial strategy at retirement as there are very frequent changes in security and economic markets. It is a good option for you to update your calculations each year as per your assumption. The right time to start investing is as soon as you start your job.

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